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2007- Raj Kamal foundation started with a contribution to Vegesna foundation
2008- Raj Kamal foundation purchased 200 square yards of lands at Hyderabad for charitable purposes.
2009- Saraswathi Prarthana CD produced with Nemani Parthu as a lead singer.
2010- Saraswathi temple in the Venkateshwara temple complex Kukatpally Hyderabad was constructed and inaugurated by Kanchi Peetham.
2011 – Medical camps conducted for Vivekananda public school Banjara hills Hyderabad in a monthly basis.
2012 – Various orphanages and other non profit institutions were given financial assistance for their activities.
2013- 2017- various orphanages, old age homes and schools were given financial assistance.
2018- Adopted Allada village at Srikakulam Dist for development .
2018 – 2021 – Activities with the following NGO’s were organized:
Wing foundation
Just foundation
Allada village
Vegesna foundation
Vamsee trust
Sai Abhi trust
Perana foundation
Akella foundation
Vedapathasala – Vijayawada and Hyderabad
Rotary Club Bangalore
COVID 19 relief to various groups
Conducted various program through zoom promoting Vedic scholars, singers and other charitable activities.


1.Village Children Education

2.Village Infrastructure

3.Village Health Camps

4.Any other Village Projects

Future Projects

1.Bringing all NGOs under one Umbrella

2.Tree Plantation

3.Helping Old Age Homes

4.Helping Orphanage Homes

5.Women Empowerment

6.Small Scale Business Set Up

7.Raj Kamal will do matching contribution to small NGO’s depending on their activity and the amount they have
raised for activities in villages.

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