Hindu New Year Celebrations by SEWA DFW and HSS Dallas

DFW Hindu Ekta Temple, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) Dallas and Sewa International in collaboration with 54 partner organizations, celebrated the Varsha Pratipada ( Hindu New Year). The event was inaugurated by the Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer and Mrs Stopfer.
The key highlight of this event was that 32 Organization’s leadership came together under one platform and lighted the Diya.

The event started with 2 hours of ‘Shanti Yagna’, participated by many Yajmans followed by three hours of packed cultural programs (across 23 groups). This event was like a mela, with a lot of game booths and over 15 food booths serving 35+ cuisines from different parts of India.
The event culminated with an hour of powerful performance by the ‘Dhol Taasha’ team and dances in the courtyard. The utsav is attended by 1300+ guests over 6 hours.

This has been well received by all the partners with very positive feedback. For the first time in Dallas, there were so many organizations coming together to celebrate the Hindu New Year. It is exciting to know that few partners already started talking about how we can celebrate next year and make this much bigger reaching out to many more Hindus of Dallas.

Dhanyawad to Ekta temple entire executive team and all the partners & visitors to make this successful and something to look forward each year. Most importantly, everyone enjoyed and saw a glimpse of Hindu unity.

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