Indian Americans organize Candlelight Vigils across USA condemning Jihadi Terrorism


Indian-Americans hold candlelight Vigils across the USA
on Sunday August 29, 2021 condemning Jihadi Terrorism

The Indian-American community members held a nationwide candlelight vigil yesterday for the fallen American service members in the dastardly Kabul attack. #Indian-Americans against Terror was trending on the Internet during and after the vigil. These events were organized in Washington DC, New York City, Long Island – New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Connecticut and more cities
around the USA.

The community expressed their full solidarity with families of the Military personnel who lost their lives and became casualties in the war against Terror. From candle-light vigils to peaceful protests to show our support to the affected family members, there are several reactions coming from across the United States. More vigils and protests are scheduled in the coming weeks leading up to the 20th Anniversary of September 11.

Mukesh Modi from Long Island New York mentioned that Indians do not support any terror activities and will always stand together against terrorism, where Dr. Raj Bhayani also said, we feel sad for the American heroes who have lost their lives in terror attack in Afghanistan. He also said we should be united and fight against any terrorists activities.

In Houston Bangar Reddy mentioned that ” The best way to pay tribute to our fallen Heroes is  our resolve to reflect their ultimate sacrifices in our foreign policy decisions # Never Forget”.

At the same event, Dr. Surinder Kaul and Achalesh Amar ( National coordinators of the event ) said that the ”will of the terrorists is not greater than the will of the good people of India, America, Israel and, indeed, the world. That’s why we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, supporting one another, and united by our shared values and commitment to defeating terrorism.

At the event held in New York City at famous Times Square, prominent  Indian-Americans Mukesh Modi and Krishna Reddy  said ” We come together to send a message of healing and of unity. Together, we mourn those brave lives lost in Kabul in the face of terror. We stand united against terrorism,  and we must defeat terrorism,” he said. ” This was an act of terror, an act of pure

evil. We must be firm in the face of evil and terror,” he said. ” That said, we honor the fallen by not  letting the terrorists change what we are or our way of life.” In New York, commemoration events were held in four locations including Times Square.

In Washington DC, prominent Indian-American’s Adapa Prasad, Kanwal jit Soni, Krishna Gudipati mentioned ” The whole world denounces the cowardly ISIS attack on US marines who were peacefully evacuating Afghan people and the world should remain united to fight this menace once for all.”

In Los Angeles, Amit Desai stated ” The Indian-American community mourns the sacrifice of  1 3 brave hearts as we understand terrorism at our ancestral land and now in our adopted homes.”

In San Francisco  area, prominent Indian-Americans  Chandru Bhambhra, Gaurav Patwardhan, Judha jit,  and Jeevan Zutshi mentioned  ” We strongly condemn this dastardly attack and mourn the loss of life and extend our heartfelt condolences to the victims’  families and  people of America.”

Various Indian-American  student organizations  from various universities  came together at these silent candlelight vigils and pledged  to remain together to fight terrorism unitedly  and resolutely. Special prayer meetings  were held in Fremont Hindu Temple, Gayatri Chetna Center in New Jersey for the victims and many Indian-Americans  congregated to pay rich tributes to fallen soldiers.

In the Boston , Abhi jit Singh who coordinated the event stated that “World has to come together to fight the menace of terrorism.”

Altogether, the commemoration  was held at about 25 venues all over the USA which was heavily represented by local council representatives, representatives  of congressmen, veterans, and members  of the Afghan community. Many of them spoke and paid rich tributes to fallen soldiers.

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