SMAP Dallas Fort Worth celebrates Shiv Jayanti

Dallas Forth Worth, TX: Shivaji Maharaj Antarrasttriya  Parivaar (SMAP) celebrated Shiv Jayanti festival based on Inspire & Learn theme on Sunday, March 20th, 2022.

SMAP offered tribute to Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj with: hands on education of Hindavi Swarajya events for motivation to kids, Lecture-discussion by Shree Parag Tope, great grandson of swarajya freedom fighter and leaders Shree Tatya Tope on Hindavi  Swarajya and Responsibility in global world.

Event started with Battle of Swarajya kids tournament, The Mawala game based on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajas life events. This was followed by Deep Prajwalan, Songs and Keynote speakers Shree Parag Tope’s lecture on ‘Hindavi Swarajya & Globalized Word’. SMAP Youth Team distributed the English version of books to all kids/youth based on Shivaji Maharaj & Swarajya History.

Event ended announcing winners from Battle of Swarajya tournament prizes, certificates for kids who attended the event followed by refreshment break.

Event Organizers: SMAP Chapter founder Vijay Gayee, Chhaya Gayee, SMAP Founder Vijay Patil (LA), Hemant Kale, Vijay Bamane, Ajikya Mahajan, Abhijit Londhe, Prayag Wadje, Rahul Karnik & Vishal Korade.

SMAP Youth Volunteers: Richa Mirkhedkar & Ayush Dane.

Our Media Partner: iAsia News – Dr.Krishna Puttaparthi & Anu Benakatti

About SMAP

SMAP Foundation Inc., a 501 (c) (3) US Non-profit organization that is using Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as a role model to promote harmony in the society and encourage leadership. As one of the greatest leaders of all time, Shivaji Maharaj was able to unite India in adverse conditions to form Hindavi Swarajya, a People’s Kingdom (Of the People For the People).

With our motto, “Let’s Awaken the Spirit of Unity & Leadership” our goal is to create kind of leaders who will:

a) Challenge the status quo; have courage to fight injustice and social issues they see around them

b) Support the cause of unity and help people who are less fortunate in life to bring equality. With no affiliation with any political or government organization. Our primary objective is to create role models, nurture fearless leadership and promote the spirit of unity.  leaders, in various fields, (2) Specifically, we’d like to achieve four tangible objectives – (1) Networking – develop a nationwide.

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