Women empowerment project from TDF USA a new project launch.

Customized Sewing Machine has been purchased and inaugurated today @ Lingampally village. This is all done with local support from Head Master Immadi Satyanarayana garu & Pragathi NGO president Laxman garu helping hands.

Kavita Challa TDF USA Past President was invited as chief guest to inaugurate this TDF Women Empowerment Project of the Customized Embroidery machine which will provide employment to the women.

Dr. Divesh Anireddy Garu, TDF USA President for initiating & sponsoring this project is commendable. Kavita Challa & TDF India Secretary Rajesh Matta appreciated all noble doings executed by Divesh Garu in his leadership for rural areas in Telangana 🙏🏼

ZPTC Nithya Niranjan Reddy garu also attended as main guest to do the opening and encouraged women with nice message to all women attending. Sarpanch Vinodha Murthy Garu, Village Secretary Sireesha garu also participated in the program

Many local leaders attended the program to encourage women to progress & do great works. Good group of women attended the program and expressed their happiness & willingness to learn & teach more women to participate in this great initiative.

Kavita Challa thanked each & everyone who took part in this and gave them assurance to support more for any women needs Lingampally village needs. She expressed happiness to celebrate this new project of TDF Women Empowerment initiative from TDF USA during Women’s Day month celebrating globally. She ended with a note saying Jai Telangana & thanking to TDF USA President Dr Divesh Garu, Lingampally High School Head Master Immadi Satyanarayana garu, Pragathi NGO President Laxman garu & Team, local leaders, Sarpanch garu, TDF India Team Rajeshwar Matta & Anupama Bondugulla.

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