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Premalu, a blockbuster film originally from Malayalam, has made its way into Telugu through the Over-The-Top (OTT) platform. This romantic comedy, set against the backdrop of Telangana and Hyderabad, stormed the entertainment scene, garnering over Rs. 100 crores solely from Kerala. Now, it’s making waves in Telugu cinema as well, grabbing the attention of audiences, especially with its release on March 8th.

Rajamouli’s son, SS Karthikeya, took the initiative to bring this film to Telugu audiences. Since its Telugu release, Premalu has received a positive response, grossing over Rs. 15 crores. However, despite its success in theaters, the decision to release it on OTT platforms has raised eyebrows.

Premier OTT platforms like Disney Plus Hotstar announced the film’s release from March 29 onwards, not only in Malayalam but also in Telugu and Tamil. This move by makers to release it simultaneously on OTT platforms and in theaters has sparked discussions among cinephiles.

While the film continues to run successfully in theaters in Tamil and Telugu versions, the decision to release it on OTT platforms so soon has left many pondering. Producers, who initially hesitated to release the film on OTT, are now considering postponing the OTT release date to keep the theatrical momentum going. Talks are underway to reschedule the OTT release date shortly.

Directed by Girish AD and produced by Malayalam actor Fahad Fazil, Premalu boasts a stellar cast including Nasleen, Mamitha, Altaf Salim, Meenakshi Ravindran, and Akhil Bhargavan. Notably, the film’s shooting primarily took place in Hyderabad, adding a special connection for Telugu audiences.

The influx of Malayali migrants to Telangana for employment has also piqued interest in how they are portrayed in the film. This aspect, along with the intriguing storyline, has contributed to Premalu’s success across different linguistic and cultural demographics.

In conclusion, Premalu’s journey from theaters to OTT platforms reflects the evolving dynamics of film distribution, where striking a balance between theatrical releases and digital premieres remains a challenge.


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