2024 International Women’s Day Celebration


As a press reporter, I am pleased to convey the message of the Commonwealth Secretary-General on the occasion of the 2024 International Women’s Day.

This day serves as a poignant moment for us to unite in appreciation and recognition of the extraordinary accomplishments of women and girls worldwide, spanning diverse backgrounds and experiences within our Commonwealth family.

With profound respect and admiration, we commemorate the indomitable spirit, resilience, and steadfast dedication of women in forging a brighter, more inclusive, and resilient future for all. Across continents and cultures, from Africa to the Caribbean, Europe to the Asia-Pacific region, the leadership of women resonates at the core of our collective strength, inspiring and empowering us each day.

The spectrum of female leadership within the Commonwealth is vast, ranging from heads of state and government to grassroots activists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Their tireless efforts catalyze transformative change, dismantle barriers, and shape the trajectories of nations.

Yet, amidst our celebration, it is imperative to acknowledge the formidable challenges that women continue to confront. Structural injustices, marginalization, and pervasive violence perpetuate systemic barriers, exacerbating gender disparities and hindering the realization of women’s rights and autonomy.

The ramifications of gender-based discrimination reverberate across society, impacting women, girls, men, and boys alike. Despite strides made in advancing gender equality, the persistence of such injustices underscores the urgency for concerted action.

Hence, while International Women’s Day serves as a beacon of celebration, it is equally a clarion call for action. It demands solidarity in amplifying the voices of women who challenge entrenched threats to their rights and dignity.

It necessitates fortifying mechanisms to combat gender-based violence, exemplified through initiatives such as the Commonwealth Says No More campaign. Moreover, it calls for expedited efforts to foster the full participation and leadership of women across all spheres of society.

In consonance with this year’s theme, “#InspireInclusion,” International Women’s Day serves as a catalyst for fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.

It beckons us to champion diversity, embrace intersectionality, and cultivate environments where every individual, irrespective of gender, thrives and contributes meaningfully to collective progress.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day in 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to advancing gender equality, not merely as an aspiration but as an imperative for building a just, equitable, and prosperous world for all. Let us harness the power of solidarity, resilience, and collective action to realize the full potential of women and girls within our Commonwealth and beyond.

In closing, let us seize this moment to honor the trailblazing achievements of women, whilst rededicating ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of gender justice and empowerment. Together, let us forge ahead with unwavering resolve, inspired by the indomitable spirit of women, towards a future where inclusivity reigns supreme and every individual is afforded the opportunity to thrive.


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